Civic Hall & Nautilus Theatre

Civic Hall & Nautilus Theatre now called the Nautilus Arts Centre.


The former Civic Hall now called the Nautilus Theatre & Arts Centre is the third town hall to be built on the present site. The first, the Institute Hall was built in 1879 and a stage was added in 1898. In 1924 it was rebuilt and renamed, becoming the Soldiers Memorial Hall. It survived until gutted by a fire in 1934. On May 26th, 1936 the newly completed building was opened by His Excellency the Governor, Sir Winston Dugan who also unveiled the Flinders Memorial Arch adjacent to the hall.

In 2001, the year of Australia’s Centenary of Federation, an exciting redevelopment was completed, now offering facilities for a wide variety of culture and entertainment in the performing and visual arts, with spaces to accommodate many other community needs.

This is a multi-purpose Cultural Centre with a sense of the aesthetic within new and modern spaces. There is a feeling of communal ownership and pride in this new facility.