Nautilus Theatre

Nautilus Theatre


The name “Nautilus” was chosen for the refurbished theatre in the Nautilus Arts Centre following a public competition to find the most suitable name. The beautiful shells of the paper nautilus, regarded as treasures by beachcombers are occasionally found on the shores near Port Lincoln and on islands further out. Nautilus was deemed to best encapsulate the themes of Port Lincoln’s environment, including the ocean. The Nautilus Theatre seats 500 with retractable raked seating which provides patrons with an excellent view of the stage.

The auditorium is also available as a flat floor space for balls, cabaret, fashion shows and conferences. A range of diverse and exciting theatre is presented each season in the Nautilus Theatre including productions from Country Arts SA’s Performing Arts Touring Programme.

Curtains and Banners

The design for the house curtain is based on the Nautilus Shell and is hand-painted on deep blue velvet. The silk banners (right photo) which flank the Nautilus Theatre signage in the upper foyer were hand painted. Both projects were designed and produced by local artists.